About Me

A self-taught software developer, violinist, avid photographer, and lover of everything minimalist.

As a full-stack developer, I strongly believe in producing the highest quality work from all fronts: UI/UX, designs, atmosphere, and code. In my eyes, the most ideal design is one with carefully selected typography, subtle gradients and shadows, and well thought-out colors with vibrancy to bring minimalist designs to life.

Attractive design doesn't have to be complex – it simply requires a purpose for every element.

As a self-starter and enthusiast of constant improvement, I take part in the entrepreneurial side of technology too. I value the production of high-quality work that fits exactly my client's needs, and have no issue investing mass amounts of time to make it just right. I'm a believer in clear communication and smoother workflows, which only works out better for everyone involved.

Beyond freelance work, I constantly have new ideas to pursue. Instead of solely having the goal of "starting a startup", I aim to provide value and impact on the users which interact with my product and business ideas. Through this, a clear connection between these values and effective development exists; the necessity to truly understand your users, which includes accepting feedback and investing in studying the effect which these products may have.

When I'm not working on projects, I spend my time reading about a variety of subjects, listening to podcasts or lectures, and practicing violin – I'm a strong believer in "investing in yourself" through education and experiences.

If you're looking for someone to bring your ideas to life, or have interests in collaborating with me, I'd love to make it a reality. Let's talk!